Why do you need an expert to craft your technical documents?

Creating Technical documentation such as training materials, SOPs and user manuals require extensive knowledge and experience, and that’s not all; Time and monetary funds are also two of the scarcest resources that are necessary to put together a comprehensive technical document that is easily understandable and self explanatory. By outsourcing your technical writing you can reduce your internal training and support costs by quite a margin, and you would have ample time to focus on vital strategic initiatives. Care to know what impact can a good technical document make?

Simplified Business Processes


Structured Business Documentation


Increase in Workforce Efficiency


Reduction in Spoilage Costs


How can our technical writing services help you?

Reduce Production Costs

We help you reduce business costs such as production costs and spoilage costs through well-written technical documents that guide your personnel on every step of the production process.

Improved efficiency

We create good technical documents that result in relevant, useful and accurate information geared to educate your target audience thereby improving their efficiency and workflow.

Save training costs

Through well written training manuals, we explain internal procedures and processes to newcomers who are not aware of various business functions.

Save you from legal action

We define your policies and procedures in a descriptive manner keeping every legal facet under consideration, and making sure that there are no loop holes for someone to take advantage of.

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Technical writing that Reduces Your Support Costs

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Technical Manual Writing

Technical Manual Writing

Manuals that are Well-Written and Uncomplicated

We explain complex tasks in simple terms through Professional Manual Writing. We create manuals that are well structured, easy to understand and descriptive, making sure that the target audience comprehends the document without the help of any specialized personnel.

We create all kinds of manuals. You name it, we create it!

  • Machine operation manuals that elaborates on the handling of particular equipment
  • User manuals that are simple and concise guides which help you do a certain job
  • Corporate manuals that define internal procedures in a structured way
  • Installation guides that help an individual in installing or setting up equipment
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starting with $200 Per Page Only
Training Material Writing

Training Material Writing

Category Specific Corporate Training Material Writing

We create Training Materials that act as an easy guide for understanding intricate problems. Keeping the target audience in mind, we create training documents that impart knowledge in a easy and understandable way.

We create all kinds of Training Materials

  • We create E-learning materials that are easy to understand online documents
  • We provide On-line Help Documents such as FAQs and guides to help solve a query
  • User Guides that help users in operating or using a particular equipment
  • Reference guides that educate employees and others to maximize productivity
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starting with $200 Per Page Only
SOP Writing

SOP writing

Clear and concise SOP writing

We provide SOPs that are instrumental in training new and existing personnel. The SOPs we provide act as a guiding light for all the employees and personnel connected with the company. We keep SOPs as simple as possible so that everyone can understand them.

Our write each and every kind of SOPs

  • Equipment Changeover SOPs that provide a clear understanding of how to change particular equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Procedures that educate personnel to react in case of any hazard
  • Work Instructions help in reducing spoilage costs
  • Operational SOPs that Improve process efficiency
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Policy Writing

Policy writing

Policy writing that incorporates every corporate detail

We write policies that are in accordance with the prevailing laws and legislations. We create and update policies, turning them into easily understandable and manageable information of your audience.

We write all kinds of policies

  • We create Company Policies that provide a descriptive outlook of all the company procedures and laws
  • Employment Policies that assist HR in making decisions about an employee
  • Ethics Policies that define the work environment, principles and morals to be followed
  • Code of Conduct Policies that clarify the standard of behavior to be used with clients or colleagues
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Our Customer-oriented Technical Writing Process

Exploratory Research

Exploratory Research

We will conduct a thorough industry/genre research in order to understand the nature of the project in detail and get a hold of valuable information.

Outline Creation

Outline Creation

In collaboration with our technical experts, we create an outline of the whole project. It helps in structuring the copy and specifying sections.

Initial Draft

Initial Draft

We then choose the appropriate technical writer having expertise in your required domain to write content that is structured, simple and professional.

Revision & Finalization

Revision & Finalization

Our expert proof readers make sure that the content is up to the mark. We´ll make the necessary changes and handover the final files to you.

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